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Bad Girl

When I got out of school, I used to run to my room for a cigarette before my parents got home.  Not much has changed.  If I’ve had a hard day, I love to go into my bedroom for a little relaxation.  Today I lit a cigarette and got out of my restrictive clothing.  I sucked down that whole cigarette, but it wasn’t helping.  I thought for a long time about how to relieve my tension, and it came to me.  So I started rubbing on my nipples and worked my way down.  Boy does and orgasm relieve stress!  Watch me relax over at Katie Fey if you want to know how I did it.

Fairy Princess

I love being a spoiled little princess.  Don’t believe me?  I have the wand and tutu to prove it, and I know you want to spoil this sweet little princess.  I have a number of ways you can worship me.  You’re looking at my pretty pictures aren’t you?  I love knowing you are sitting over there getting hard while I show off my sexy royal body.  I don’t need this wand to cast a spell on you.  You must be out of breath from panting while you click to see how naughty I’ve been.  This princess won’t let you down, so head to Katie Fey for the rest of these photos.

80’s Party

I went to an 80’s party last weekend, and had so much fun.  I wasn’t around for any of the fun in the 80’s, but I had fun recreating the fashion and dancing to the music.  After I got home, I had to do a decadent 80’s fashion shoot.  Watch me pout and pose like those models from that great hard rocking decade.  What music do you think I was posing too?  I’ll tell you one thing, it was fun dance music.  I got lost in the songs and pretty soon I was naked and doing some really sexy things on the couch.  What ever could I be talking about?  If you really want to know, Katie Fey has the whole photo shoot.

Purple Socks

I love rocking an alternative look sometimes, and these purple socks and the black gothic shirt were just the ticket.  I slicked back my hair to complete the look.  Then I proceeded to start taking it all off.  Gothic looking girls are easy right?  Well I’m a little harder, but I can rock your world harder than any alternative girl you know.  My little body can be bent into pretzel like shapes, and I can make a grown man beg for mercy.  Watch me be a dirty girl for you in these pictures, and imagine how much you’d love to touch my pretty pink pussy.  Of course, if you want to see the rest of this photo shoot, head over to Katie Fey and let me show you how good this gets.

Thinking About Italy

When I found this very pretty piece of lingerie, I thought about the pretty models in Italy.  Then I thought about all the architecture there.  These photos show off my inner fashion model.  Of course, even being an artist, I can’t help getting naked too!  If you want to see the rest of this one, Katie Fey has them all.

Sweet As Candy

I love getting dressed up in lingerie and costumes, and I just couldn’t resist this cute little pink number.  I think I look like a little cupcake in all the frills and my stockings.  I wonder what the ice cream vendor would say if he saw me in this!  Katie Fey has the rest of these sweet treats.